I've heard different, sometimes even conflicting opinions, about the role of fats, both in children's and adults' diet. Nevertheless, they are essential for healthy growth of every baby. According to WHO at 6 months of age breast milk or baby formula milk can be complemented with variety of food, including fats. The

I love pancakes in many forms but these ones are doing the furore in our house! Their phenomenon is their lightness and slightly citrus taste. They are just perfect for today's hot summer days so give it a try! These pancakes came from my inner need to eat something new during my pregnancy.

Kids are the best observers. They can see and hear everything. I’ve been watching our almost three-year-old now Celina and I can feel how closely she looks on me during every ordinary and extraordinary activity. That’s why I care a lot when she hears me: - speaking well of myself, and that when

Hello me dear readers! Some time has passed since my last post, but there have been plenty of changes at the same time. Good and very exciting changes :-) As you probably noticed, I changed my site name from BeObsessed to Life & Family Coach. This transformation is a result of blogging and

Dear Friends!! We wish you a beautiful Easter time with your whole family! It’s the only time for eating all the chocolate you can find with complete impunity! :-D Have a blessed and delicious Easter. Justyna, Celina & Philipp

For more or less two months we’ve been observing some new kinds of behavior of our almost 17-months old daughter. When something doesn’t really go her way, e.g. I’m closing the laundry door when she wants to enter there, but she shouldn’t, or when I would take away my book from her,