kids activities

It’s the weekend. Finally, I can play with my 3 year old daughter and bond with her. We play tea time with her favorite stuffed animals, then we play hide and seek, we build the perfect princess castle out of pillows and then some more games. Three hours have passed, I feel really proud of myself of coming up of all of these cool ideas to play with my daughter. I decide to take a quick break, because I am hungry and need some water and a bathroom break, too. And then something irritable happens… My sweet girl just freaks out, screams and tells me I never play with her! Trying to explain to her that we had lots of fun for the past 3 hours does not cut it at all and just makes it worse. Why does she behave like this? I feel like I am giving everything I got, and yet, the Duracell battery wants more and more.


kids activities


For weeks, I was puzzled of what is going on. And then, a good friend of mine having 5 kids of her own told me that you need to treat your kids like… little dogs! Wait…what!?? My kids are certainly not dogs, but what she meant was you need to let them out, so they can burn their energy. It’s hard to spend time out living in Texas tough… The temperature is crazy for almost half a year and the humidity doesn’t let you stay outside longer than 20 minutes.

Anyways… I did not understand what she meant in the beginning, but after taking my daughter to swimming classes, to tennis court and finally to playground last week when the temperature went a bit down, I noticed that she was calm, forthcoming and was even ok when I wanted to take a break. I realized a challenging sport activity such as swimming, gymnastics, or playing soccer in the park are helping my cute pumpkin to significantly balance her emotions. If she did not have a physical challenging activity, then she would typically be grumpy and restless.


kids sports activities


This discovery helped me a lot in making my daughter happier and bonding in a sweet way. I try to have her participate in sport activities as much as possible, especially on weekends and when she will not be around kids like in daycare or school. It is a bit of a hassle to let’s say get up at 6:30am on Saturday and go to swimming with her, however, it is well worth it if she is balanced for the rest of the day rather than being restless. I learned that my daughter has so much energy in herself that if she does not let it out, then she will transform all of it into emotional outbreaks.

This certainly does not apply to every child. Every child is different. We actually have two daughters; they could not be more different in character. The one I described above – Celina – is the energy bundle who is jumping, moving, running and talking all the time. Our little one – Antonina – is much quieter, she also enjoys to play by herself, and rarely has emotional outbursts.

If you have energy bundles as children like my daughter, consider sport activities as much as you can and “let the doggies out” 😉 . I hope this is helpful. Feel free to share your story on this post!


kids activities


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