Relocation program

My relocation program is a preparation program for families, as well as individuals, as they move into a new culture and work environment. I help families from other countries transition smoothly and integrate with confidence into American Society.


Parenthood is one of the most incredible and beautiful gifts one can experience in life. Having a child is like finding a soulmate who is walking with you through all of the special moments every single day. Doesn’t is sound wonderful? It does; however, it is giving us not only the sweetest moments, but also the most challenging ones.

As an experienced coach and a mom of two, I will work with you to achieve all your desired family goals. My dearest Grandfather used to say: “There are no impossible things in your life. They might only be difficult to accomplish sometimes.”


My broad experience, cultivated while managing human resources, teaching at university and providing personal coaching, has taught me efficiency in assessing a client’s needs. I am able to quickly develop personalized, resolute coaching strategies. While every client has different needs, typically concerns involve bringing together family, career and life-balance.

During individual sessions, I will work with you to identify your needs and sculpt a plan of action, allowing you to reach your personal goals with sharpened focus.