Coaching for

Our programs teach how to say less,
ask more and change the way of daily communication forever.

Coaching is not considered as an option anymore.
In today’s complex and busy world, coaching is a requirement in every workplace.

  • We don’t teach abstract theory. Our trainees leave the class with
    practical skills that are usable and easy to implement in their daily tasks.
  • We help our trainees to develop and keep the coaching habit – with
    right questions, anyone can coach in 10 minutes or even less!
  • We bring a new understanding that coaching can transform every
    interaction, can become intuitive and have colossal impact on
    interpersonal relations.
We coach:
  • Primary & High school teachers
  • Day care teachers
  • School principals
  • School owners
  • Military veterans in transition
  • Managers
  • Potential leaders
  • Team leaders
  • Line employees
We design our coaching workshops for organizations and companies to:
  • help them effectively apply fundamental coaching skills like three levels of listening, asking empowering questions and managing accountability
  • help our trainees understand when they suppose to coach, when to mentor and when to direct
  • show our trainees how to use thought-provoking powerful questions as a tool to encourage new thinking habits
  • teach our trainees to lead constructive and solution focused conversations in a one-on-one setting and team environment

What's the most commonly cited reason for pursuing coaching?

And that’s exactly what we do.

Improve. Optimize. Increase.

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