2.0 Advanced

This is a master coaching 20-hour course.

2.0 Advanced Coaching Training completes the 1.0 Coach Certification Program. This means you will be fully prepared to open up your own business coaching upon completing both courses, how awesome is that?

This course will build your coaching confidence and enhance your communication skills. I will apply marketing & business strategy into your coaching practice to fully support your evolving professional experience. You will gain the ability to ask pertinent and powerful questions causing deeper reflection and understanding.

This course is recommended for coaches who want to excel their coaching practice bringing it to the next level.

Certification & ICF Accreditation

All participants, upon completing the 20-hour 2.0 Advanced Coaching Training, will receive an Advanced Life Coaching Certificate from Life and Family Coach Institute on the last day of the course.

Timeframe & ICF approved hours

This program is 20 hours, comprised of 4 hours of home pre-work and 16 hours of individual virtual “live” classroom training specifically designed to master your skills to become an advanced professional coach. The program is intensive and accelerated to give you maximum dose of knowledge, practical skills and priceless tips.

Solution-focused feedback

Practical coaching training with the real topics and scenarios

Coaching career development

Preparation for the ICF credentialing exam - Coaching Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

Pathway to ICF credentials

Advancing self-discovery tools

Developing entrepreneurial mindset

Utilizing mindfulness as a technique to shift the client’s perspective

Managing progress and holding accountability

Applying coaching exercises to assist the client’s self-development

Developing strategies for establishing intimacy and trust

Mastering the ability to ask thought-provoking questions

11 core coaching competencies put into action

Advanced communication techniques


20-hour Advanced Training enrollment fee is $1950

Price includes:
20-hour individual virtual training
2.0 LFC Coaching Theoretical Book
2.0 LFC Coaching Practice Workbook
Advanced Coaching Certificate
Surprise gift to keep you highly motivated and self-disciplined in achieving your new coaching goals!

Classes are all year round.
The schedule is adjusted individually for each student’s needs.



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