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As I mentioned in the first part of this post which you can find right here, “challenges” lately have become extremely fashionable. Mainly we use them to lose weight and to motivate ourselves for physical activity. I throw myself a challenge… “take it easy” 🙂 Do not confuse it with “doing nothing” because I’m a busy blogger mama from morning to evening and always have full hands and plenty of ideas. Anyways, it is time to think about myself and as I named it quite well in a previous post “assimilate more positive and healthy egoism”…  If you need to make some changes in your daily life, you can find below my personal list of changes which needs to be done:

SLEEP – we all need approx. 7h of sleep to function at full capacity. I know that I need 8 but usually sleep 6. That means I feel often permanent fatigue, but the evening I get such a surge of energy that it doesn’t let me go to bed before 1am. That’s a huge mistake.

My challenge – 11pm in bed, get up every day at 6-7 in the morning.

NUTRITION – I have already implemented a total revolution for this topic in our family. This is a wide topic to be discussed, but my foundation of a healthy lifestyle is breakfast, which for my husband before we met did not exist at all. Consuming nutritious products, unprocessed, and not combining protein with carbohydrates and avoidance of fats, as I had in my habit. No more “light products” which are only “a cover” for our well-feeling “I eat healthy because I eat light”. That is not true at all but about this topic I’ll write much more another time…

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – I’m out of the rhythm lately and it’s time to get back on track. If you are just starting to work out – 3 times a week for 30min is a good start. If you do not like to run, go for a quick walk, if you do not like working out in a fitness club, do it at home. If you don’t like to exercise, dance, swim or sign up for tennis classes. If you cannot work out, swim or play any sports, walk systematically and breathe deeply. It will give your body an amazing relief and energy. Find something for yourself what makes you feel comfortable and happy. You can succeed only if you enjoy your activity.
I do want to jump into my rhythm again and do my training 5-6 times a week as I used to do. I started with yoga as well and I would have never thought it will be something that impressed me quite a lot. Inner peace and balance of body & soul which can be achieved through it, is something that is amusing. I’m at the beginner stage, but I definitely want to further explore it. If you have a negative attitude to yoga, just try it. It may surprise you as positively as it did for me 🙂

RELAXATION – this is the most difficult point, for me at least. Strange, isn’t it? Well … I always have so many interesting things to do. Even watching a movie, I used to have my laptop and iPad on my knees. Crazy but true … with one eye watching movie, with the second reading something, and with the third one taking notes for new posts, shopping lists, to do lists, and so on. This must change! My husband always tells me that I need to learn to relax and he is just teaching me this ability. He is a master of relaxation 😉

ELECTRONICS – if you’re addicted to electronics like me and you are working on it non-stop, time to think about changes. We decided to strongly distance ourselves from electronics around sleeping time. That means that our phones, tablets are as far away from the bedroom as possible. The signals produced by all these devices do affect our body. It’s extremely important if you have children, to not let them sleep in the company of your “transmitters”, ie routers, cell phones, tablets and computers. I’m introducing new rules “an offline zones” in our house which will help us to reduce using electronics and spend more time together as family.

SUPPLEMENTATION – nowadays supplementation is inevitable. Hardly anyone has access to a wonderfully healthy and super natural organic vegetables, fruits, meats and dairy products. Well-chosen supplements, vitamins and minerals can help you to fight bacteria, viruses and prevent you even from serious diseases. Without suitable levels of vitamins, your body does not have enough power to fight issues in your organism. In our family, we try to avoid pharmacy drugs as much as possible, but we support ourselves with appropriately selected vitamins on an everyday basis.
My challenge is to be more systematic in my approach. My husband is amazing in this case and he remembers about all supplements every day. I’m much more scatterbrained in this topic and he always needs to remind me about it. My body needs energy so I need to take care of it much more seriously.

“Take it easy” in other words… think about yourself, rest, cut off from the network, eat well and healthy, regenerate your body with the appropriate amount of sleep, then strengthen it with you favorite activity and “recharge” with the appropriate vitamins and minerals levels.

Let us not forget that this type of challenge requires from us some systematic approach which is often the hardest. Anyways, I do believe deeply, I can do it and if you decide to try it, I am sure you will succeed! It’s time for a great change! 🙂

happy and healthy


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