How many times have you said to yourself “New Year, new steps”, “It will be different since this year”, “I will lose weight”, “I will give up smoking”, “I will start exercising”? The New Year, is like a bigger Monday :-) After all, we have resolutions on each Monday… “yeah, since this

My Dears! On the occasion of upcoming Christmas I wish you this magic time to be nicely spent with your family, friends and everyone who is the most important for you. Let this special Christmassy time be a time of peace, reconciliation and love between you. Once, my beloved Dad wrote in my

Each of us has probably heard different advice from outsiders, and how many people so many opinions. There are plenty of pregnancy myths, but a majority of them are just superstitions. These ones, however, are worth acquiring and bearing in mind, when your time comes and the baby settles in your tummy. 1.