Exactly a year ago I realized that our healthy diet is not as healthy as we thought. I used to buy lots of vegetables, fruits, fishes and a few kinds of meat. I never buy processed foods. I always cook. But… I never even assumed that the veggies I buy in a good quality store are so contaminated, that “the best” eggs we eat are not that natural as it’s written on the package, that a fresh fish I buy has so many pesticides, etc… I started to search and honestly most food we have in stores are not suitable for eating!  When I read EFSA annual report “Chemicals in food 2015” it scares me to death…


I went into heavy research mode when my daughter turned four months and I wanted to start giving her a solid foods. Obviously, I started with giving carrots only and she was getting used to a different food for a few weeks, so I had a month to check everything. I didn’t want to give her processed food. Why to buy processed if I cook for the family? For sure it’s very convenient to buy a jar of mixed veggies, fruits, meats but why buy if it’s so easy to make it on your own? I don’t have to even mention that if I cook I know exactly what she eats…   I only use processed foods when travel or going out with a baby.

Anyway our baby motivated me to find much more information about a genuine healthy food for her and for my family.

ORGANIC. In US we can find lots of fruits, veggies and other products which are called organic. Honestly I buy only organic products now. I do it because we think it’s better for my family than the conventional food but how is it in reality?

The USDA states that the goal of organic foods and organic farming is to “integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

But the problem is… I’m used to have first class farm products from nearby farmers whenever I visit Poland. And the thing is… for example why even best (the most expensive) organic eggs in store look so perfect, same color and size? When I compare them with an eco eggs which my mom orders from a farm family in north Poland the polish ones are different sizes, different structure and even the colors is not the same. That makes me wonder…

My mom orders eggs, butter, milk, cream, veggies and meat from farmers. I promise you. It’s a First Class organic/ecological/natural food. The taste, the smell, the quality – it’s to die for! That’s what I miss in US the most. We are almost already two years in States but we still can’t find a farm where we would be able to buy a fresh dairy products. I will not give up and try to search again when I get back home and I do hope I will find a good quality farm somewhere in Texas so we can enjoy a safe and real healthy food also in US.

I will soon post some recipes of homemade baby food so you can check how easy it is to make and how much your baby will love it 🙂

I took a few shots of the polish farm dairy products which just arrived this morning. We will have amazing breakfasts this week!


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