MY lifelong passion is developing human capital. I have always been fascinated with people developing and expressing themselves. I am at my fullest expression when I am able to share in the course of their development through collaboration.

After I defined my passion, I decided to put it into practice. For several years I engaged among international corporations in human resources capabilities whereby I coached employees to reach their optimal potential. This practical experience was very inspiring and it sparked my interest in continuously enhancing my knowledge by pursuing a doctoral degree.


During my six years of research and study at the university level, I acquired in-depth knowledge of human capital and earned my PhD with a thesis in coaching and mentoring. It was one of the most challenging times in my life and overcoming these challenges gave me the confidence to become a professional coach.

Why I became a Life & Family Coach.

After obtaining my PhD, I had plans to swiftly launch a specialized coaching practice; instead, life intervened and I soon became the mother of two sweet girls. With this blessing, I became a full time “coach” to them 🙂 However, I knew my kids would not be my only clients. My daughters inspired me not only to become a life coach but to incorporate family coaching as well.

While spending priceless time with my children and being completely involved in their daily development, I discovered how amazing, albeit challenging, life becomes after having a baby.

Priorities change, but principles stay the same, in terms of human capital. I connected parenting and coaching and this perspective extended my coaching field to include families as well.

My Goal

I want to help YOU prosper in life, with family and in your professional careers. We will bring it all together and unleash the special talents inherent to you alone.

My Blog

After my first baby, I took on the challenge of running a blog. I enjoy sharing my coaching experience about parenting, healthy living and many other topics. Here you can find different perspectives and many cool ideas to boost your every day work-life/family balance.

What i do

As a certified Life & Family Coach, I work with clients all over the world. We can arrange in person or online meetings.

My coaching practice is offered in three basic settings:


Personalized coaching tailor made for your needs.


Energetic, inspiring and super fun workshops to acquire new perspectives and unleash your true potential.


Free personal articles and research. It is my desire to inspire you!